The Third Wave; Poisoning the Land

Bill Benfield

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Size: A5
Type: Paperback
Pages: 170 (Including photos)

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"This is a book every keen conservationist ....should have, not only to read but as an invaluable reference book to counter absurd arguments put forward in favour of 1080 and other toxins. Highly recommended"
        - Tony Orman in New Zealand Outdoors

"If you want a really good read and an in-depth study of what is happening in our protective government departments, get a copy of this book and read it for yourselves."
        - Graeme Carter in New Zealand Fishing and Outdoors

"Benfield raises so many questions, supported by references to papers in science journals....If he is only half way correct, we are seriously going down the wrong path in New Zealand.....A must-read for all New Zealanders"
        - Greg Duley, Editor of New Zealand Hunter

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